Self Insurance

With the guidance of our team at THE BROKERS we can show you how you can progressively develop your own protection against the risks you face as you progress through life.

The key is to start young when generally you are free from financial and medical issues.

This means that time and compounding are on your side. You can never win this back later in life.

Insurance companies are available to help with this effort in the short term but you must give them your money, they want to minimise their risks, and they must remain profitable to survive. Also they invest the funds you pay as a premium to make profits on top of their underwriting profits. Apart from what is paid out in claims the balance is essentially free capital for them.

At THE BROKERS we work with all the insurance companies and lending institutions to put together tailored solutions to best suit you to keep more of this capital ( your income ) under your control.

Done with our guidance this can build a secure financial future for you, your children, and even future generations with you in control.

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