The Destruction of Our Money System

The world’s monetary system has been largely controlled by the US$ for more than 100 years now since they have the world’s dominant economy. For a long time during the 1800’s money was primarily gold and silver coinage. However as trade developed over larger distances payment with this form of money became cumbersome. So a paper note was put in place where gold was held in trust and the note was issued in its place as an IOU. The paper note could be handed back in and exchanged for gold at any time. This paper note was decreed to be legal tender and had to be accepted for trading.

     The paper circulated far and wide and it was noticed that it was only ever exchanged less than 10% of the time. Therefore the greedy bankers realised they could issue 10 times the amount of paper money against the gold they held and not risk a ‘ run on the bank ‘ where they would be unable to exchange notes handed in for the gold. Thus Fractional Reserve Banking was born. Trade could now increase as it was not so greatly hampered by the available gold supply. Of course this also resulted in inflation which is always and only the result of increasing the supply of money to purchase the same supply of goods , that is not created through productive effort.

    THE  FIRST  SHOCK – 1907.  

   There was a major financial panic. To ensure it could not happen again a group of powerful American bankers led by J.P.Morgan came together and encouraged the Government to pass The Federal Reserve Act which allowed the Federal Reserve Bank ( FED ) to be formed which from then on directed financial policy and set standards for all the banks to follow.  It should be noted that the FED is not owned by the Government but rather by the larger banks of the time.

     These elites used the panic as a cover to pass a law that today we recognise as one of the biggest power grabs in American history. Since this time to today the US$ has lost 96% of its purchasing power. This has greatly enriched those who own real assets versus those  who earn and must survive on their wages.

      THE  SECOND  SHOCK – 1933.  

      The world was in a great depression. The stock market had plummeted 80%. Unemployment soared as construction and manufacturing ground to a halt. Once again the insiders rode to the rescue.  President Roosevelt signed an order under the guise of ‘stimulating  economic growth’ called the Emergency Banking Act of 1933.

       This act forced all Americans to hand in their gold savings. Each one ounce coin was swapped  for $20.67 in paper money. Failure to comply would result in a $10,000 fine or jail time.

      As soon as the government had its hands on the gold it changed the price to $35 an ounce. This effectively stole 69% of American’s savings. This allowed the government to pay for all their pet projects. To the average person at the time, this was seen as a salvation but in reality, over time, the gains were inflated away as real assets (gold) were exchanged for paper which was then not productively employed.


     By 1971 the USA was struggling to pay for the Vietnam war and France under De Gaulle was handing US paper dollars over and demanding gold in exchange at the exchange rate of $35 per ounce. America was also running massive welfare programmes known as the “Great Society”.                    All these events were threatening to bankrupt America as printing of their currency was limited to the supply of gold as per the Bretton Woods Agreement.

      To fix this problem President Nixon went on air on August 15th 1971 and addressed the nation to announce he had decided to decouple the dollar from gold in an effort to “ stabilize the dollar” ( his words). This move allowed the FED to throttle up the printing press and accelerate the expansion of the money supply which has continued to this day. Also as a result of this money printing the price of gold started to increase dramatically. We are still seeing this today.

     This move made the world’s reserve currency , the US$, into a fiat currency with nothing to back its value other than the confidence you have in the USA governance.

      Over the period from 1971 to today we have seen:

     —– the hours required to be worked to afford a new car double

     —– the hours worked to buy a home go up 2.5 times

    —— household debt has soared 4.5 times

      We have adjusted to this by:

    —– sending women into the workforce to give 2 incomes per family

    —– printing trillions of new dollars without any increase in productivity

   —— greatly increasing public debt.

   —— buying vehicles with no cash down and not even repaid at the end of the loan.


      This is now unfolding before our eyes. The world is in lockdown because of a virus commonly called Covid-19 and world economic activity is in a huge downward spiral. Governments worldwide have given up any pretence of controlling the money supply and have forced interest rates down to almost zero and in many cases below zero to ensure the cost of printing money is zero.  There is also zero chance that these debts will ever be repaid from savings and taxes.

    Those older people relying on savings are struggling to cope ( as well as being locked down ) and are turning to the sharemarket and other more risky assets such as the bond market to get a return. Consequently these assets are still rising as the economy crashes. This is transferring a lot of wealth to the rich and robbing the poor who are losing their ability to earn.

    This is the opportunity the Elite have been waiting for to remove paper “fiat” money altogether and replace it with digital money only. An early draft of a new act called “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act” contains the definition of a “ Digital Dollar” and a “ Digital Dollar Wallet”.

    There is also the “Banking For All Act“ making its way through Congress requiring all member banks to maintain pass – through digital dollar wallets for certain persons, and for other purposes. It also defines a “digital dollar”.

   The elites are also on the case. Bill Gates and Microsoft have applied for patent 060606 described as a “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data“. This is an embedded chip that can sense a person’s movement, body temperature, heart rate, eye activity, blood flow and brain waves to track the body’s activity and transmit a digital currency wirelessly.

    Visa also has a new patent which “Causes the removal of the physical currency in a fiat currency system”. This includes “The removal of the physical currency from circulation  including destroying the physical currency”.

     There is now a “Better than Cash Alliance”  to accelerate the global transition from cash to digital payments which now incudes 75 different world governments, companies, and major international organisations.

     The digital ID ( implanted chip ) as described by patent ID2020 may be required to receive the Covid-19 vaccine as a means to encourage people to accept this new technology. This digital ID will be attached to a digital dollar.

     With this digital currency there will be an end to financial privacy. The government will know everywhere you spend money and everything you buy. It could suspend your passport and driver’s licence if you owe taxes. It could also prevent you from buying sugary snacks if, by their imposed standards, you are deemed to be overweight. Retirement savings could also be confiscated if it is deemed necessary.

    In China this is partially in place already and is called a “ Social Credit Score “.

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